Teacher Testimonials

Since 1968, the National Right to Work Foundation has provided free legal assistance to employees across the country. Our team of experienced staff attorneys has helped thousands of educators resign from unwanted unions and opt out of paying dues for union politics. Here are a few testimonials from teachers who have received free legal aid from the National Right to Work Foundation:

“[T]he union and the payroll department told me I didn’t have a choice and took the dues out of my salary without my authorization. I tried for months to stop the withdrawal. National Right to Work was finally able to get a refund of my dues while I focused on my students’ needs. Also, the NEA and the associated union affiliates no longer bully me. A big thank you to everyone at National Right to Work!” – Amy Anaya, Greenwood, Wisconsin

“I am forever grateful to The National Right To Work Foundation and their professionals for helping me receive my political-action money back from the teacher’s union. Their integrity, as well as knowledge of my rights, is second to none. Thank you, NRTW, for your help and continued support.” – Kristi Lacroix, Kenosha, Wisconsin

“Thank you for your time and energy. I can’t tell how much we appreciate your efforts and persistence in getting to the truth about our California teachers union.” – Barney Logan, San Marcos, California

“Thanks for your efforts. Over the past 13 years of teaching, I have pocketed about $5,000 in CTA rebates of my (purloined) agency fees. This year we were able, thanks in part to those savings, to move into a new house.” – Jeff Flathers, Salinas, California

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work to fight the tentacles of the big unions!” – Patt Armanini, San Rafael, California

“On behalf of the members of the Northwest Professional Educators in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for National Right to Work’s stalwart defense of the individual free speech rights of nonunion teachers in Washington State.” – Cindy Omlin, Executive Director, Northwest Professional Educators