Free Legal Assistance

Teachers seeking to exercise their right not to pay union dues for politics and other activities unrelated to workplace bargaining are encouraged to contact us using the form below. This is highly recommended even if you already used the sample letter provided on this site.

If your request is potentially within the scope of our litigation program, a Foundation staff attorney or legal assistant will contact you as soon as possible. There is no charge for this service, and any information you send to us seeking legal aid will be kept strictly confidential. If your inquiry is urgent, you may wish to call us on our toll-free line (800-336-3600).

Other employees seeking free legal assistance should use this form. Non-legal inquiries (general information, media inquiries, etc…) can contact us here.


NOTICE & ACKNOWLEDGMENT. By clicking on the “Submit” button, you acknowledge reading and understanding this notice: Representation will not be provided in any matter unless and until both a Retainer Authorization and a Disclosure Agreement¬†provided by us are signed and returned. We provide those documents only after we have decided to provide legal aid in a particular matter.


*You should only use your personal email address. The use of someone else’s email address or your employer-provided email address may be deemed to waive confidentiality.